Some Days You’re the Girl, Some Days You’re the Crocadilly


I had a belly laugh yesterday when I charged up my old iPhone and looked through the notes section. I used to keep a running list of future dog names and the last entry was added 331 days ago at 11:35am. “Jam”. On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 I thought JAM was a good name for a dog and that helps me realize that being a little lost in life right now is not as final as it feels. Because a year ago I was a girl who wanted to name a dog Jam.

I’ve been reading Still Writing and have been so inspired to write a novel. While I was falling asleep the other night I had to keep sitting up to jot down ideas as they popped in to my snoozy brain. I think I may have come up with the beginning paragraph and the rest of the book would play out as sort of an “embellished memoir” full of truths and make-believes. So there’s my millionth dream to bring to fruition, but as a lady on HGTV’s Property Virgins (my favourite show to watch over my morning coffee) said, “dreaming is free”.

PS: my favourite song of the week, perfume I want need and an important reminder… dang. ;)
Happy Thursday!  xo

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Fridays PrIntspo

bordermonogomyFotorCreatedIt’s -23 this this morning, but with the windchill it feels like -29, which feels like I have no idea why I’m out of bed. ;) I was feeling particularly inspired to show you these three prints today because: if I’m going to cling to my sheets while I hit snooze every morning- it might as well be in the most beautiful sheets ever made, those teeny boobies and baby baguettes because they are killin’ me and the incognito model because I have a thing for faceless human art.

It’s FRIDAY! What are you plans for the weekend? I’m heading eastbound on a weekend road trip, finishing off the last episode of Serial that I’ve been neglecting and checking out an Illusionist show on Sunday night with Tim. Wishing you a happy, safe and extra warm weekend (163 days till summer!). xo

– My all time favourite shop sign
– New desktop wallpapers to inspire you to work it (no diggity)
– A dreamy little place to snooze for a night or 20

Pantones & Proverbs

collageFotorCreated“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb

Trust me when I say no one suffers more than me when State & Occupation sits blank for weeks. If at any point your fingers clicked the keys that spell my URL and you were disappointed to find nothing new, I am so sorry and I am sending you all the warmest imaginary knitted scarves to make up for it. Let’s catch up!

On disappointment, December and dreams for 2015:
My dream job opened up a couple months ago and my hopes of getting it were really, really high. Job hunts are exhausting and involve a lot of throwing yourself out there, crossing your fingers and accepting (lots of) rejection- so not getting that specific job felt like the worst cherry on top of a terrible sundae. That being said, December was nothing close to all bad. It was such a full, happy and wine-filled month. I finally made it back to the mountains to spend NYE, had Tim home for a full four weeks and celebrated our two year anniversary, received some incredibly thoughtful and sweet gifts and belly laughed like it was my day job. I have said many times that I love fresh months, but I’m finding a fresh year a little daunting this time around. So in order to not put any extra pressure on myself I’m going to make this years goal simple: to bring consistency back in to my life in every sense. (See last years goals here)

On vegetarianism, polaroids and the bangs I’ll never have:
Next Monday marks half a year of being a vegetarian! I started with a total no-pressure, noncommittal attitude but I’ve since come to really love it and don’t see myself going back. My simple answer for “why?” is this: animals totally don’t need to die for the purpose of filling my belly! I feel better inside and I feel like I’m doing better for the environment outside by giving up meat. I’m a happy little veggie! For Christmas this year I asked for a polaroid camera, and Tim delivered. I’m now on the hunt for creative ways to store my precious little polaroids that are currently locked in my cold dark wallet… any suggestions are welcome! And speaking of welcome, I’d like to welcome my forehead to become one that can house these bangs. Or these. Or these.

On my new library card and unexpected opportunities that are too new to talk about but I will anyways:
Last night I got my first library card since racking up several dollars in late fees as a 12 year old (I swear I’ve read every Babysitters Club book ever written). I checked out 14 books! I’m starting with a book written for writers called The Creative Compass and so far, so great. The other 13 are a mix of more how-to-be-a-better-writer books, vegetarian cookbooks, How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, If You Have to Cry Go Outside and one about celebrating the tiny wonderful things that I wish I wrote. I was back at the library this morning and presented with a cool little unexpected opportunity that would involve me turning children into baby broadcasters through a 10 week Television and Radio course for homeschooled kiddos!

[Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Botton Right]
PS: Did you know we have a Pantone of the year? It’s this and I like it.
Also, pantone phone cases for the intense colour enthusiasts.
Lastly, my all time favourite proverb, here.
Happy Tuesday! xo.

Mini Rugs & Sprinkle Mugs


“I do not know the weight of time or the texture of happiness. But even still I am grateful because this year I have learned that loving is brave, and being loved is even braver.” – Natalie Wise

Top Left: Did the rest of the world know that this is what Disneyland looks like at night? I’ve been so drawn to magicality (like reality, but where magical things exist) lately. As a kid my interest in going to Disneyland wasn’t too serious but now, as a 22 year old, I find myself itching to stand in front of the castle with mouse ears on my head.

Top Right: It’s no secret that Instagram is my favourite little space (aside from this one, of course;) and I’m constantly screen shotting bits of inspiration from different accounts I find. The other night while on a late night inspo-hunt I came across this: miniature bear rugs! Ah, how I love novelty collections.

Bottom Left: I want to tell you that the significance of this little picture is simply that I now use eggnog in my coffee instead of milk because I am oozing Christmas spirit (true). But I have a teeny confession. I took this picture last Monday. I rimmed a coffee cup in sprinkles the day before I was anticipating great news. This picture was going to be used to announce said good news. I pre-celebrated. The news I was anticipating didn’t come. #tragic

Bottom Right: I love this artist’s scandalous work on the shopping bags for Kara Ross NY!

PS: a cover I had no idea existed (and love!),
the truth about love and a list of mountainous
excitement happening this winter if you happen to
live near the Canadian rockies like me. :)
Happy Thursday! xo

Pinky Swear

“A fish & a bird can fall in love, but where do they make a home?” – Dolly Parton

goldenpopcornLeft: Something about this crazy little collar appeals to me, it seems like it belongs on the neck of a sophisticated french girl. Which reminds me, I have started my quest in teaching myself to speak french! First Update: I learned that the phrase toodaloo! ACTUALLY spawns from the french saying, “A tout à l’heure !” (See you later!) which is to be pronounced Ah-toot -ah-luhr. Great, right?

Middle: Ceramic popcorn with golden innards. I need a bucket full, ASAP.

Right: Soft pinks and copper have both been catching my eye lately, and they look especially lovely together. For Tim‘s upcoming Christmas party I picked up a pink backless dress that I plan on pairing with bright pink lipstick and a belly full of champagne. Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa!

State & Occupation is entered in the 2014 Made in Blog awards!
Vote HERE for Canada’s best Lifestyle blog and I’ll repay you e-hugs,
e-kisses and e-sharing my snacks.
– This barefoot blonde has the sweetest baby and most gorgeous
braids. I’m totally obsessed and have been recreating them all week!
These shades made me giggle.
– My current favourite song and a teary music video to accompany it.
xo, Happy Wednesday!

We Found Wonderland

wonderlandFotor01026203955My snowy grey day was in need of a little magic, so I rounded up 10 magical links:

  1. Cookie Monster stars as Furry Potter in Sesame Streets rendition of Harry Potter (Seeing that guy in a maroon and gold scarf is SO worth the five minute lesson on how to listen carefully).
  2. A hotel that looks straight out of a fairytale in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest. I’ll take a one-way ticket to Chile, please!
  3. A couples costume that I actually really, really like.
  4. Refreshingly orignal fairytale themed engagement shoots!
  5. This cat cruisin’ around on a roomba dressed as Princess Jasmine (hahaha).
  6. Whimsical tights featuring a sneaky little dude climbing your leg.
  7. Make your own “magic shell” using coconut oil for homemade dipped ice-cream cones!
  8. Glow in the dark ghost nails for halloween on Friday.
  9. An article on magical thinking, and how it just might lurk in us all.
  10. Perhaps my most enchanting find of the day- wine in a can.

PS! There’s something truly magical about the release of a new Taylor Swift album isn’t there?!
1989 has a serious Lana del Rey-meets-Lorde vibe to it, dontcha think? Back to endlessly listening I go, go, go.

xo, Happy Monday!

(all photos from my Instagram)


Copper Cruisin’ Onwards


Top Left: This photo reminds me so much of one that’s stuck up on our fridge at home. It’s of me when I was 5, in orange pants and a colourful sweater holding our black cat like Rafiki held Simba over pride rock. I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately. Nostalgic for the good, but oddly enough, nostalgic for the bad. Not that I’m sentimentally remembering feelings of misery, but my brain has been living in the past a little- from childhood memories that make my heart ache to reliving the happy times in friendships that have imploded. As always when I touch on negativity here, I feel the urge to apologize for it, minimize it and top it with colourful sprinkles of ‘but here’s the good news!’  But aren’t some of the greatest bits of writing a little bit miserable? I’m intentionally reading The Fault in our Stars knowing it’s going to rip out my heart by the last page. Negativity shouldn’t always be muted. As my boy Ernest Hemingway said, “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” Okay Ernest, I will. But only sometimes.

Top Right: I’m imagining presenting a bouquet of these pom-pom branches for the host of the party at every occasion. Blue and pink for a baby shower, multicoloured for a birthday, black and orange for halloween- the possibilities are endless! (10 more pom-pom crafts, here!)

Bottom Left: Can you imagine cruisin’ around on this beautiful shiny thing!? It’s almost too pretty to ride. Almost.

Bottom Right: This photo was titled Weirdo Wonderland. I like that. There is no better feeling than meeting someone who totally matches your level of weird. The frilly-pink-floral-ness of the Weirdos contrasting against the cold concrete is so pleasing for my eyeballs.

PS- What an October. This month I will be published four times,
twice for the first time in new publications! I’m proud and tired and nervous and excited.
Last night I realized I was featured on‘s blog and nearly had a hot
flash over it (I’m obsessed with Jen Gotch- the founder).
A weekend giggle for ya here, and a really really great reminder here.

Happy Saturday! xo

To Be Wonderful.


“You are a tree that grew from a seed I never planted. I never bothered asking where you came from, I just started loving the smell of your branches, and falling asleep in your shade.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

Left: My brain has been in non-stop obsession mode over moving out and having my own little house. Decorating it and filling it with groceries, a cat and offices made out of closets. Growing up my dad always talked about a moment in his young life when a switch flicked and he could no longer stand living at home. That switch flicked for me. A year ago.

Middle: Okay, I am a little interested in money. There are serious ups and serious downs about trying to make it as a freelance writer. The ups this week have included doing an interview wrapped in a blanket on the floor, drinking wine at 2pm and landing a cool new job. The downside includes a big question mark when it comes to what my monthly income will look like. But more than consistency, a room full of money or a crowd of adoring fans, I really really do just want to be wonderful. I think that’s what keeps me going. As the saying goes, “Introduce yourself until you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore”.

Right:  I think about this morning all the time. A morning in the summer when I woke up in Kelowna, BC in the comfiest bed. It was my first time ever sleeping under the stars in the box of a truck. I woke up once during the night because it was lightly raining and hitting my face, but I just snuggled deeper under the blankets. By 8am it was already a gorgeous day, and a few minutes after this photo was taken, I rolled out of bed, grabbed a coffee to-go and hopped in the boat to go wake surfing.

PS: State & Occupation now has a Facebook page! Yay!

PPS: something to help you pick out a costume,
something to help you waste time
and a new method of payment that would surely
leave me broke. :) Happy Saturday! xo

Uno October

octobeFotor093020503“There are moments I know I will long for even as I live them.” -Judith Katzir

Happy October! We are officially in the month of costume planning. I’ve got yellow body paint and a blue wig on my shopping list.. any guesses which costume I’m dreaming up?!

Top Left: Tim took me to the local pumpkin patch here in Saskatoon on Saturday and we had the best time picking out juuust the right pumpkins while drinking Baileys and coffee. He chose a very cute little orange one, while I went for this lumpy peach coloured one- isn’t it cool? Tim said it reminded him of THIS… hahaha 8O.

Top Right: If by nothing else, I hope your Hump Day is brightened by these Grumpy Cat nippies.

Bottom Left: As mentioned, I’m in Saskatoon visiting Tim. I took the bus here rather than driving, which allowed me to devote six solid hours to knitting. I nearly screamed with excitement when I finished my very first scarf! Up next: another scarf in forest green and a big grey reading blanket. “Knitting is a cool hobby,” I said earlier this week. I almost believe myself.

Bottom Right: is on my Top Five Most Fun Places To Work list. One of their coworkers got engaged, so naturally they celebrated with donuts and googley eyes. If you need me, I’ll be obsessively forwarding over 36 copies of my resume.

Hoping my 22nd October is my greatest October, and yours too. xo!

The Girl In The Red Dress


Can you believe today marks three months until Christmas? Where did 2014 go? Usually I leave all my festive feelings bottled up until the snow falls but this year I am ahead of the ball. I’ve already purchased 2 gifts as well as drawn up my own wish list!
Falalalalalalala laaa!
I have been giddy all week waiting to share this post with you. About two months ago a custom dress company called eShakti contacted me asking if I’d be interested in having them send me a free dress in exchange for my honest opinions here on State & Occupation. I backflipped across the room and immediately accepted!


They directed me to a selection of dresses to choose from. I decided on a festive coloured one, with the idea of being able to wear it to holiday parties this year!


eShakti allows you to customize the neckline, sleeves, length of the dress and if you want pockets or not (of course I did!) which was super fun. Because I am incredibly impulsive and wanted to order my dress right-that-instant, I went with an XS size rather than typing in my own measurements. Had I have done that, the dress would have fit a tad more snug so I definitely recommend taking advantage of that feature.

BallsInFaceIMG_3062This whimsical Christmas themed shoot is totally fitting because eShakti is giving readers the gift of 10% off with the discount code “STATEANDOCCUPATION” at checkout. Valid until 10/23/14. If you like, check out Eshakti on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Happy shopping! xox