To Be Wonderful.


“You are a tree that grew from a seed I never planted. I never bothered asking where you came from, I just started loving the smell of your branches, and falling asleep in your shade.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

Left: My brain has been in non-stop obsession mode over moving out and having my own little house. Decorating it and filling it with groceries, a cat and offices made out of closets. Growing up my dad always talked about a moment in his young life when a switch flicked and he could no longer stand living at home. That switch flicked for me. A year ago.

Middle: Okay, I am a little interested in money. There are serious ups and serious downs about trying to make it as a freelance writer. The ups this week have included doing an interview wrapped in a blanket on the floor, drinking wine at 2pm and landing a cool new job. The downside includes a big question mark when it comes to what my monthly income will look like. But more than consistency, a room full of money or a crowd of adoring fans, I really really do just want to be wonderful. I think that’s what keeps me going. As the saying goes, “Introduce yourself until you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore”.

Right:  I think about this morning all the time. A morning in the summer when I woke up in Kelowna, BC in the comfiest bed. It was my first time ever sleeping under the stars in the box of a truck. I woke up once during the night because it was lightly raining and hitting my face, but I just snuggled deeper under the blankets. By 8am it was already a gorgeous day, and a few minutes after this photo was taken, I rolled out of bed, grabbed a coffee to-go and hopped in the boat to go wake surfing.

PS: State & Occupation now has a Facebook page! Yay!

PPS: something to help you pick out a costume,
something to help you waste time
and a new method of payment that would surely
leave me broke. :) Happy Saturday! xo

Uno October

octobeFotor093020503“There are moments I know I will long for even as I live them.” -Judith Katzir

Happy October! We are officially in the month of costume planning. I’ve got yellow body paint and a blue wig on my shopping list.. any guesses which costume I’m dreaming up?!

Top Left: Tim took me to the local pumpkin patch here in Saskatoon on Saturday and we had the best time picking out juuust the right pumpkins while drinking Baileys and coffee. He chose a very cute little orange one, while I went for this lumpy peach coloured one- isn’t it cool? Tim said it reminded him of THIS… hahaha 8O.

Top Right: If by nothing else, I hope your Hump Day is brightened by these Grumpy Cat nippies.

Bottom Left: As mentioned, I’m in Saskatoon visiting Tim. I took the bus here rather than driving, which allowed me to devote six solid hours to knitting. I nearly screamed with excitement when I finished my very first scarf! Up next: another scarf in forest green and a big grey reading blanket. “Knitting is a cool hobby,” I said earlier this week. I almost believe myself.

Bottom Right: is on my Top Five Most Fun Places To Work list. One of their coworkers got engaged, so naturally they celebrated with donuts and googley eyes. If you need me, I’ll be obsessively forwarding over 36 copies of my resume.

Hoping my 22nd October is my greatest October, and yours too. xo!

The Girl In The Red Dress


Can you believe today marks three months until Christmas? Where did 2014 go? Usually I leave all my festive feelings bottled up until the snow falls but this year I am ahead of the ball. I’ve already purchased 2 gifts as well as drawn up my own wish list!
Falalalalalalala laaa!
I have been giddy all week waiting to share this post with you. About two months ago a custom dress company called eShakti contacted me asking if I’d be interested in having them send me a free dress in exchange for my honest opinions here on State & Occupation. I backflipped across the room and immediately accepted!


They directed me to a selection of dresses to choose from. I decided on a festive coloured one, with the idea of being able to wear it to holiday parties this year!


eShakti allows you to customize the neckline, sleeves, length of the dress and if you want pockets or not (of course I did!) which was super fun. Because I am incredibly impulsive and wanted to order my dress right-that-instant, I went with an XS size rather than typing in my own measurements. Had I have done that, the dress would have fit a tad more snug so I definitely recommend taking advantage of that feature.

BallsInFaceIMG_3062This whimsical Christmas themed shoot is totally fitting because eShakti is giving readers the gift of 10% off with the discount code “STATEANDOCCUPATION” at checkout. Valid until 10/23/14. If you like, check out Eshakti on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Happy shopping! xox

Today Is Wild & It Is Yours

instag3f173652d6b9b660700347dd7c926dfe I’ve spent the last few days writing, and I have some exciting things to tell y’all in the coming weeks. But for now- here is my Instagram roundup of perfectly styled inspiration. Happy Monday and happiest LAST day of summer!

Top Left: I love this quote. The gorgeous Australian based magazine Renegade Collective has a following of super creative readers who are always snapping pictures as they read. In my dreams, you guys take pretty photos of yourselves reading State & Occupation and my heart sings with each #regram …hehe.

Top Right: This comes from a shoot for Target so of course it’s colourful and fun- but what really got me was the painted tips of the logs in the fireplace. WAY too sweet. My desire to buy a house and recreate that look is sky high right now.

Bottom Left: What’s cuter than 14 teeny pies? That messily painted neon cutting board.

Bottom Right: A Barbie mirror inspired iPhone case at Milan Fashion Week, captured by The Blonde Salad- a fashion blogger I oogle over daily. The pictures of Milan filling my newsfeed over the last week are making me seriously nostalgic for my own Italy adventure a few years back!

City of Stitches

I have great news! I have learned how to knit!
My great friend and human of many talents Greg taught me last night, and I am now on my way to creating a giant, cozy, mustard-yellow infinity scarf. It was after 10:30pm by the time I had packed up my 3 hours of work (you’d be shocked at how little it looks like I accomplished), and we got to chatting about art and the people behind it. “I met a writer who refuses to read, watch TV and hardly leaves the house,” Greg said. “She doesn’t want her ideas to be tainted.”

We agreed that in order to gain any inspiration, you have to live, experience, learn, love, fail and fall. The four walls surrounding me in my house and the vault of memories in my brain are good places to start, but I find myself needing to be freshly inspired every day. Perfectly sculpted circular shrubs in the front yard of a house in BC, a green velvet skirt paired with an old black printed t-shirt, a yellow leaf the size of my face, a mirrored box full of prematurely bought Christmas gifts, walking across the city’s highest bridge just as it lights up in gold, imagining all of the little lives happening under one roof in an apartment building, a baby’s teeny toes and the creepy Alf doll sticking out of a box in the basement have all been sources of inspiration for me recently. Maybe the outfit is one I’ll copy and the Alf doll just might have inspired me to stage a little photoshoot with my cat. Because he eats cats. Remember?

You’ve got to check all the nooks and crannies; because that’s where inspiration lives, and that’s a lesson I am definitely learning. In order to create, write, draw, and inspire- you have to go out and live, on purpose.

Happiest hump day! Two things to remember here, and here. xo!

images via: [top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]

The Light Will Come

Printable up to 12"x12"

“When your number-one priority is getting a boyfriend, you’re more inclined to see a beautiful girl and think, ‘Oh, she’s gonna get that hot guy I wish I was dating,'” she says. “But when you’re not boyfriend-shopping, you’re able to step back and see other girls who are killing it and think, ‘God, I want to be around her.'” – an excerpt from The Rolling Stones Taylor Swift cover story.

I really liked the whole vibe of that interview when I read it through snoozy eyes a few nights ago. I was waiting for Tim to come to bed while he ran around doing last minute activities after we used up all the productive hours of our evening to finish the Lord of The Rings trilogy (I’m obsessed). While I am not “boyfriend-shopping”, I am guilty of feeling threatened by the girls who are “killing it” as T-Swift says, whether that be in their schooling, career, looks or travels.  I can recognize that some of my thoughts, feelings or traits have been dealt to me through life experiences and the actions of other people, but I also recognize that I am the only one who can widdle them down until they don’t exist anymore. Jealousy isn’t something that occupies much of my day to day life, but when it comes to my relationship, it oozes out of me so effortlessly. Since Fall has always felt like a time to start again and embrace inevitable change, I’m using this season to hold myself accountable to making my own change- pursuing happier, healthier thoughts. After all, how horrifically ironic would it be to push away the love of your life due to fear of losing him?

In other news, it’s been an eventful few weeks! Since my last post I’ve stood beside my sister as she became a wife, took a week long holiday of surfing, drinking, relaxing, and snacking to Kelowna, BC, and the following two weeks in Saskatoon, SK where Tim and I spent our weekdays trying not to distract each other and our weekends hanging with friends and exploring the nude beach. My creative wheels have been endlessly turning all the while and I’m excited for the line up of posts I have coming for you! Enjoy the last half of your weekend. xo!

PS: My new favourite quote, The Simpsons font and the Christmas card I’ll be giving everyone this year. Happy Saturday!

Fridays Inspo

“Everything will be different, but also exactly the same.”succesFotor082291456

I got butterflies in my stomach when I read this post, written exactly a year ago by a 21 year old me. It’s a bit of an indescribable feeling, but the best way I can put it is that I felt sad for my old self. For being scared and unsure and nervous about everything the upcoming year would hold for her. In a sense I wish I could have protected her a little and given her something definite to hold on to- “you WILL get through college”, “your relationship WILL survive the year of distance” “baby meal WILL remember you” (haha). As I sit here drinking coffee I realized I have become fairly accustomed to dealing with the closing of chapters- nothing has stayed constant for more than 4 months at a time for the last couple years. I get wildly attached to everything, so it’s hard for me to leave my internship at the Edmonton Woman today with no solid idea of where I’m going next. Today is also the last day my sister will share my last name, as she is becoming a WIFE tomorrow! And after that I am off to Kelowna for a week of sun and boating and giggling. I look so forward to catching up when I’m back. Until then, here are four pictures inspiring me today!

Top Left: If I could describe my idea of success in one photo, I think it would be this one.

Top Right: I’ve been told on more than one occasion, typically in a bit of a condescending tone, “Wow, you really love yourself hey”  ….Well, yep. I do. Not in the way where I want to post 14 #selfies a week or brag about all the cool things I’m doing, but in the way that I feel coworkers who don’t smile back are missing out on getting to know me, and that my jokes are truly some of the funniest I’ve heard. At a fairly low and newly single point in my life a while back, my confidence was at an all time high and I can faintly recall telling people “There is no one I like as much as I like myself“. Eyebrows were raised- but, isn’t that how it should be? Why are you the way you are if you don’t love it? Since falling in love I’ve leveled out a bit and can’t see myself saying something that extreme, but the self-loving mindset remains intact.

Bottom Left: After not seeing Tim for two weeks he made it back home around midnight last night. I was asleep, but when he crawled in next to me I reached out and touched his head, which to my surprise had a fresh HAIRCUT! It totally threw me for a second (his hair was SO long before- now it’s short and pokey!) so I forced my self to wake up a little more and ensure I wasn’t cuddling a burglar. Update: I wasn’t. Second update: This photo is nearly irrelevant to my little story, but isn’t it great?

Bottom Right: This confetti egg serves as a reminder that absolutely anything can be made a teeny bit more wonderful.

PS- I’m loving this song big time right now.
Have such a great Friday, and a happy end to your August. xo!

Meal, Magazines and Messiness.   (Middle // Right)

I offended myself yesterday when I realized how long its been since my last post. Sometimes I get busy living and smooching and working and cooking and sleeping that I leave myself no time to spend with my favourite blog in the world. I’d love to catch you up if you’d like to read:)

On comfort, confetti and Meal:
I’ve been happily living like a little gypsy out of a suitcase and sleeping in all sorts of places. From sleeping under the stars in the box of a truck, afternoon naps on a boat to an unexpected sleepover in a trunk, I was happy to reunite with my sheets and familiar bed for the first time in a couple weeks last night. I’d been dreaming up this shoot with Baby Meal ever since laying eyes on this picture and I am so excited to have brought it to life. Turns out he’s terrified of confetti but it was nothing a few treats and disco fever couldn’t cure.

On magazines and bigger dreams:
Yesterday marked the beginning of the 10 day countdown until my internship at the Edmonton Woman magazine is finished. It’s hard to believe that the same 4 months that felt so daunting back in April are now wrapping up, and I’ll have had my writing published 9 times! I hope to build up a freelance business and contribute consistently to a few different publications in the year to come. (Also- I hope to put together a coffee table book. But more about that later;)
It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you need to get your life together when a chapter, like college, closes. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I’m slowly piecing together some teeny ideas on the components that will make up a happy life. I’d like to live in a small, bright, white home full of colorful and cozy blankets. I’d like to buy my groceries from a local market, and carry my lettuce home in a tote bag over my shoulder. I’d like to write and have my writing be in demand. I’d like to foster baby homeless kittens until they’re strong enough to move in with new families. I’d like to master some sort of talent.

On distance, BC and the importance of vacations:
Long distance is like a rubber band, one of us on each end. When we’re together, there’s no tension. We move freely around and see each other when we please. We don’t sweat the small stuff, we laugh about everything. But when we’re apart the rubber band is pulled tight. With each negative feeling the band pulls tighter. And tighter. And tighter. Something you’d normally laugh at makes you cry and emotions are at an all time high. Everyday stresses seem less bearable because you’re already being pulled so tightly by your relationship, by no fault of the other person. You know it gets better when the band loosens and they’re close to you again but with weeks to wait for that feeling, you start to really have to squint to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For August Long weekend Tim and I drove to Kelowna, BC for a mini vacation. It was everything we needed and a huge reminder of why we put up with long distance. We spent early mornings wake-surfing on the calm water (I finally got the hang of it!), Tim taught me how to catch fish (I screamed each time he caught one) and after spending 24 hours in a vehicle together we still couldn’t get enough. There’s a lot of sweet, good quality photos from the trip but this one is my favourite, because we were laying in the grass laughing our guts out after trying to convince a pair of hippies to let us sleep in their van.
We had no idea where we were going, and we didn’t care.

Happy Tuesday, xxo.

Gone Grey

grayFotor0729104456Left:  I became wildly obsessed with this photo this week. It’s so scandalous and perfect.

Middle: Grey on grey makes for the comfiest of outfits and I think I could live happily in a sea of charcoals, slates and ashes for the next month or 6.

Right: I found a grey hair inhabiting my ‘do quite a while back. I ran around screaming “WTF get off my noggin’ I’m 20 years old” and I thankfully haven’t spotted one since. However, now that I’ve layed eyes on this seriously pretty grey mane I’m happy to announce I’m hoping to go grey by 25!
Just kidding. :) Kind of.



On another note, after watching from the sidelines while National Pink Day and National Kiss Day passed me by, I decided I needed to invest some time in finding out when these unofficial holidays were happening so I could prepare accordingly (AKA stage a celebratory photo for Instagram… Just kidding. Kind of.) I took the time to scan through the month of August and find the holidays I think are worth celebrating (no offense to Petroleum Day and Toilet Paper day.. I’m sure someone will enjoy celebrating you). Here they are:


August 1, 2014 is National Girlfriends Day! (another holiday to celebrate myself? Oh no, please, I couldn’t… >:)
August 3, 2014 is National Watermelon Day! AND National Sister’s Day!
August 18, 2014 is National Cupcake Day! (I’m a Muffin girl myself, but I wouldn’t say no to a batch of these. Realistically, I’d backflip out a window for a batch of those.)
August 31, 2014 is Go Topless Day!

Happy Tuesday, I hope you’ll find SOMETHING worth celebrating today.

From The Shore

seaFotor0728140338“I’ll never know, and neither will you, of the life you don’t choose. We’ll only know that whatever that sister life was, it was important and beautiful and not ours. It was the ghost ship that didn’t carry us. There’s nothing to do but salute it from the shore.” ― Cheryl Strayed

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