Tuesday, July 9

Tuesday, July 9

I used to blab my thoughts on Tumblr, but thought something a little more blog-ish would be fun. Here is my first post- things that have been inspiring me lately!

Top Left: I follow a blog called Goldfish Kiss written by a lady living in Hawaii, taking beach pictures on the daily. She posted this to her instagram of metallic temporary tattoos and I immediately impulse purchased them (only $22!) I’m dying for them to arrive and to plaster them all over my tanned skin.

Top Right: I’ve always loved the look of henna- but especially on the hands. I found a henna artist here in Saskatoon and am waiting for juuuust the right time to go and tribalify myself. (may or may not patent that word)

Bottom Left: At this point in life I’m no where near buying a home- BUT IF I WAS, I’m seriously oogling the old rustic dark hardwood floors against crisp clean white walls. It looks beachy but still modern and comfortable.

Bottom Right: I don’t have a good reason for why DONUTS are inspiring me lately. But they totally seriously and completely are. I’ve somehow managed to not eat a single one since the obsession started and I’m thankful the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is 3069 kms from me because my belly would likely be touching the screen as I type this.


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