Fridays Inspo

Fridays Inspo

“Fridays are not ‘pants optional’.” – Nancy Cartwright (aka the voice of Bart Simpson) .. (I don’t think I fully agree with this quote :P)

Top Left: Last weekend we had a really rainy Saturday, so we bundled up and set out to do some day drinking downtown. Our last stop was the Congress Beer House (where I had the coolest drink- it had an Earl Grey teabag in it!) These motivational coasters caught my eye and may have come home with us in my purse>:)

Top Right: Does this look familiar? It should- its a bathing suit replica of the Little Mermaid! If only I had knee length red hair and a Jamaican pet lobster to match.

Bottom Left: I stumbled across this picture and really really really liked it. As I mopily (the act of doing something in a mopey manner) start getting myself set up for my second year of school(aka moving back to Edmonton), this is a happy reminder to just try.. and to detach myself from the outcome.

Bottom Right: Shoutout to ma boy Ernest Hemingway for totally nailing it. Also loving the completely unrelated pink and red hedgehogs running around.


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