Mid-Years Resolution

Mid-Years Resolution

I know it’s July 16th, but I’ve finally come up with my New Years Resolution!

“Say ‘yes’- and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” -Tiny Fey

I don’t LOVE to point out flaws in myself, but it’s really, really (really, really, reeeallly) easy for me to slip into a state of comfort (in any given situation) where without realizing it, I miss out on a lot by saying no. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to say “yes” as much as possible between now and the end of the year to different ideas and opportunities and see where it takes me. There will of course still be things that I will always say no to, e.g.: eating oysters(horrifying), shooting tequila(nightmare), and the tip option at fast food restaurants (isn’t that your job!?)


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