Rise + Grind

Rise + Grind

Woke up this morning with a runny nose, a cranky attitude, an irritating and poorly worded note on my car (RE: my parking..) and not enough time to get to work without being late. So in the spirit of positivity, I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and dreaming up places I’d rather be sitting drinking my coffee.

Top Left: A cozy café looking out into the streets of a busy city. Imagining this playing in the backround! (..and one of those cabs waiting to take me somewhere exciting)

Top Right: Although hot coffee on a hot day doesn’t sound ideal, nothing  sounds more ideal than standing on this beach with the ocean in front of me.

Bottom Left: In bed, cozied up with breakfast food, coffee and a few hours to cuddle. (Especially liking the big shirt/no pants combo.)

Bottom Right: Coffee with Lady Gaga, talking about regular things like meat dresses and giant eggs (wearing my own pink wig too, obvs).


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