Bare Minimums

I don’t by any means consider myself a minimalist. As a kid I’d do my own hair with 13 different shaped and colored clips, wear clothes that made little to no sense together and have had my bedroom painted pink, green, purple and orange- always with art and pictures all over the walls. I like stuff and clutter and things presented in a way that excites my brain, but every so often I see something so simple and appealing that I consider incorporating a little minimalism into my tacky ways.

Top Left: I recently got glasses and hate to admit that I’m becoming dependent on them (WHY DOES THIS BOTHER ME? I feel like that sick stubborn old man who refuses to see a doctor). Regardless, I love the simple look of clear frames and think a pair like these would make a nice addition to my life.

Top Right: I think I’ve watched every episode of Sex and the City, and although this cute and simple representation of the show doesn’t fit at all, I really like the concept. (..and wish my tastes were refined enough to drink a cosmopolitan)

Bottom Left: I’m already envisioning myself falling up and through these at high speeds in slippery socks but how cool do they look? Definitely beats a classic big bulky set of stairs.

Bottom Right: I’ve been oogling this fresh looking face for a while now. Little to no makeup and bright lipstick sits juuust right with me.


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