Fridays Inspo

Fridays Inspo

I’m blown away it’s already Friday again! It’s been a good (and ridiculously fast) week. Since the weather has been so nice, we did a bit of biking and checked out the Taste of Saskatchewan downtown! Here are a few things that have been inspiring me lately:

Top Left: Sometimes my favorite part about coming across art that I love is imagining all the people in my life who would totally hate it. This print is only $15.. I think I will buy it as a back-to-school gift. (I spoil myself)

Top Right: I found these cool tote bags online! I could jam all my unnecessary items into it but still LOOK like I was carrying a nice purse.. perfect:)

Bottom Left: This applies big time for relationships + social media. “May your life one day be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook” I remember lol’ing when I posted a picture that said that last year. This is the nicer way of putting it.. sometimes it’s hard not to wonder about those people who are always striving to make their lives look perfect.

Bottom Right: Strongly considering going home and sticking my earrings into our kiwis and letting our bananas wear my bracelets after seeing how handsome this pineapple looks all blinged up.

Happy Friday!


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