Ella, Ella, Eh


This afternoon I’m drinking a tea, working at my desk and listening to this on repeat. I feel lucky to be able to see the sky (at my old job, my window looked into another coworkers office.. Frig) and from what I can see, a storm is rolling in! That got me thinking about umbrellas and how much I wish I had one to make the trek out to my car after work and avoid looking like a drowned rat.

Top Left: I had no idea this existed. An umbrella covered shopping street in Agueda, Portugal! You have exactly 9 days to fly yourself over and check it out, because it is only up for the month of July as part of a city sponsored art installation. So so cool!

Top Right: I love this painting! I can’t quite make out the artists name, if anyone with better eyes happens to be able to- feel free to let me know:)

Bottom Left: An umbrella embroidered with real flowers! I would totally feel like Marie Antoinette carrying this thing around (minus having my head chopped off, preferably).

Bottom Right: Just a pretty looking picture I sniped off instagram that just so happens to be the background on my iPhone.

Ps- this is cool:)


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