Going Global


I was born with the unoriginal love of globes. I think on some level everyone kinda likes them and they can most typically be seen in trendy decorated homes or offices- sometimes in dozens! (My dad used to have one- I spun it so frequently, fast and hard that I busted it. No surprise there.) I don’t totally love the idea of being a globe hoarding home decorator so here are a few alternatives:


Top Left: I don’t need this bathing suit, but I don’t want to live without it. The only upside of our 9 month long winters is that my bank account is safe from my bikini buying habits:) (currently out of stock… if/when it comes back, you best believe its gonna be on my booty)

Top Right: “Whole Wide World” earrings from this Etsy shop. So cute I could scream!

Bottom Left: Another really good Etsy find, a world print tote bag! Can’t imagine a more suitable bag to strap on to myself for travelling. (Plus she makes them from her home in Istanbul- too cool!)

Bottom Right: Or you could just really commit and tattoo the whole world on to your back, like I did. (Just kidding, but I think this could be worked into a reaaaaally cool Halloween costume somehow. Like if I was on a nude beach and wanted to be a Map :p)


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