12 Things

12 Things

Today is my baby brother Ty’s 12th birthday!
Ty at age 9[top left], 10[top right], 11[bottom left] and 6[bottom right]
Aside from that I’m sending every ounce of my love to him from 5 hours away, here are twelve things I think he should know.

1. You’re funnier than me. I don’t know how or when it happened… but you are.

2. Our family would make no sense without you.

3. I wished and wished and wished for a little sister. I couldn’t be happier to have not gotten what I wanted.

4. I’m sorry I sneezed on your face last year. And all those times we’d take the bus home from school and I’d make you climb through a window because I forgot my key.

5. You have the biggest most genuine heart of anyone on this entire planet and I am positive of that.

6. The way you laugh at all your jokes is one of my favorite things about you (mostly because I think you got it from me)

7. Thank you for making our hamsters funeral the funniest funeral I have ever attended. I forgive you for talking with your hands and causing our dead stiff hamster to fall out of the cup you were carrying him in and roll all the way down the hill we were trying to bury him on top of.

8. You cried from happiness when I gave you $100 for your 10th birthday. You also cried from happiness when we raised enough money to feed a bunch of homeless people on thanksgiving.. both make me smile so big and feel so proud to be related to you.

9. Thank you for truly believing my cat is as handsome as I tell everyone he is.

10. I’m laughing right now remembering the time you rolled our giant fat pug flat on his back and left him there stuck staring at the ceiling.. and weren’t sorry about it hahaha.

11. You believe in everything I do as if there’s no other option and you have no clue how much that is appreciated.

12. I was the FIRST to call  you at 7am this morning but you were still sleeping because you are a snoozy birthday brat. Enjoy your day, I love you more than anything!


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