All That Glitters

All That Glitters

I grew up under the impression that I didn’t like gold, for no other reason than because my Mum doesn’t like gold. (I was a serious mummys-girl. If she didn’t like hair, I would have rocked a bald head) A couple weeks ago when she visited us here in SK, I was admiring a ring and she goes “..But you don’t like gold!” and I almost agreed- but then was all wait a darn second, YES I DO. (In fact today there is gold on my sandals, ears, and around my neck;)

Top Left: I have a thing for balloons. Nothing says bonne fête! quite like a big ol’ bundle of these guys. And in gold- they are also somehow classy!

Top Right: If I was getting married I’d happily allow this entire cake to be smashed all over my face. So, so beautiful!

Bottom Left: If I should ever be in the position to be important enough to need a home office- I would love if it looked like this! I also like a gold polka dot wall for a bedroom- ever since I layed eyes on one just like it in Gossip Girl.

Bottom Right: I came across this online and put it on my things-to-buy-when-I’m-not-poor list. I’m all about the messy buns lately and I feel it could only be improved by a big gold wire bow.

PS: My morning started off with this playing on the radio while I was driving to work. Who knew the key to a great day was starting off with a little Britney!? Happiest of Thursdays to you all!



9 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. fyi there is a theory that the quantity of gold found in a female body vs a male body is lower and so from the beginning of time it has been said that the gold jewelry is designed for and better for females to wear and silver jewelry is better for males to wear as a male body also has the same issue of the amount of silver in a male body is less compared to a female body. but now days no one gives a hoot about the health concept everyone wears everything its all about fashion now :). have a nice thursday!

  2. I’ve always considered myself a fan of silver over gold, but seeing in in certain settings (such as in polka dot form next to a hot pink chair — LOVE) makes me wonder if I’m missing out!
    ps I agree with you, any day starting with a little old school brittney is sure to be killer.
    xxx sydney

    • Isnt that office amazing?! Love the gold.. I don’t think I’d want a gold wedding ring though- it somehow doesn’t seem as versatile as silver to be wearing every day!
      Haha yes the radio totally spoiled me this morning .. glad you agree! 🙂

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