Fridays Inspo

Fridays Inspo

If the winter weeks pass anywhere near as quickly as the summer weeks have I will be a very happy girl. It’s FRIDAY again! This morning I’m listening to this, and loving reading this. Here are 4 things that have been inspiring me this week:

Top Left: After work on Tuesday we headed down to the river for some adventuring. We drank tea and climbed across the rocks barefoot. Tim (the secretly talented photographer) took this picture and it’s my new favorite optical illusion.. from now on I’m telling people this is a snapshot from our trip to Egypt..;)

Top Right: Why is my brain so pleased by stuff like this? So ugly but somehow so so lovable.

Bottom Left: I came across this pillow online and it made me smile big time. I’ve been a mountain lover for as long as I can remember- but if I had this, I’d never have to go far to see them! This would make such a cool gift.

Bottom Right: Being wrapped head to toe like a burrito in a giant wool scarf sounds more than ideal on account of it has been CHILLY here. It went down to +4 last night! I turned the heat on in my car this morning! Nooooo!


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