Monday, Brought To You By..


This Monday is brought to you by the color pink! (or that’s how it would appear- considering every photo I flagged as inspiration for todays post was pink.. I decided to embrace it) I own very little clothing in the color, but pink is my go-to lipstick because it suits dressing up just as much as it suits a jean jacket on the way to the grocery store. We had the most lovely and relaxing weekend full of beach time, bike riding and afternoon naps:) Since there is only 41 days until the first official day of fall, the forecast of +30 here in YXE this week is making me extremely happy.

Top Left: If you’re not inspired by a lady with big hair riding a giant pink flamingo boat.. you’re nuts.

Top Right: Swimming in a lake at sunset! Reminds me of being a kid on summer holidays and swimming all day and brattily dunking my sister as many times as possible until the sun goes down.

Bottom Left: I don’t know where this leads but I wouldn’t hesitate to go full speed up these happy stairs to find out! (.. also think this would be a perfect place for a photo shoot eating a blue triple scoop ice cream cone)

Bottom Right: If there was ever a photo to perfectly sum up a Monday morning, it just might be this one!

PS: Re-falling in love with an old favorite song of mine, + E! is launching a reality show loosely based on this Tumblr blog about Rich Kids of Instagram.. too funny.


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