Reasons Why Winter Might Not Be The Worst

Reasons Why Winter Might Not Be The Worst

I’m all about finding the good in everything. So today I’m bringing you 6 reasons why summer ending and our long Canadian winter beginning might not be the absolute worst thing to happen to you all year.

1.) Once summer officially ends, it’s only 22 days until you can stuff yourself full of pumpkin pie, turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Then after that, it’s only 72 days until you can slurp eggnog and open presents on Christmas morning. YAY
2.) Crunching leaves under your boots (this will only be possible until the snow falls. So crunch lots)
3.) Big wooly socks, and tucking the bottom of your pants into the big wooly socks + Mittens, and holding hot coffee with your mitten hands. (Also, holding other mitten hands with your mitten hands)
4.) Your cat that usually meows to go kill everything in sight outside at night may occasionally let you keep him in and cuddle (if it’s -30 and he is feeling lazy. Otherwise he may still demand to go outside and kill everything)
5.) You’ll rarely have to put effort into your outfit, because you’ll rarely be warm enough to take off your winter jacket. Also, lumberjack toques become a sneaky and socially acceptable way to avoid having to do your hair.
6.) If the five reasons above aren’t enough and the first day of fall getting closer and closer is totally making you miserable, you can wake up that morning and find at least a little joy in knowing the first day of spring will only be 179 days away:)

Happy Thursday! PS- I’ve been listening to this all day.


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