Fridays Inspo


This morning I’m drinking a peppermint tea and jamming to this mix. Things are about to get a teeny bit hectic with my last day at my job being today, our week long vacation beginning tomorrow, followed by moving back to Alberta, followed immediately by the beginning of my second year of school. So my posts are likely going to be a bit scattered until I can get my groove back.. Just FYI:) Here are 4 things that have been inspiring me this week:

Top Left: I think I would feel like the most free human in the world if I was laying up there all alone.

Top Right: “Treat Yo Self” this print made me smile. But seriously, DO treat yourself. Do yourself a favor once in a while! Do yourself tons of favors even! Do yourself these favors in particular: 1.) Buy your undies a size up. Nothing makes you feel squishier than too-tight-underwear. 2.) Delete/hide your ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends and ex bestfriends off social media if their posts make you feel bad when you read them. Ain’t nobody be needing that unnecessary negativity 3.) Be honest and raw and truthful even if it sucks.

Bottom Left: I crafted myself this new notebook cover for two reasons: The first- to stay motivated and inspired during school. The second- to become Beyoncé.

Bottom Right: This nudey skinny dipping girl made me smile becaaaause tomorrow we leave for BC with some of the greatest friends and I couldn’t be more excited. I plan on learning to wake surf and get the most rockin’ suntan and  spend the majority of my days belly laughing.

I look so so forward to life calming down and being back and
posting regularly but until then- thank you x 1,000,000 for
reading and commenting and liking. It warms my heart:)

PS- if you can’t get enough (heehee) here are 3 posts you might have missed: Donut bikinis, Cloud 9 and a post on Calmness. xo!


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