Scrambled Days

Scrambled Days

It’s been a nutty couple of days. I moved myself back to Alberta yesterday after a long, sad, series-of-unfortunate-events type of drive. (The speeding ticket was my own fault, witnessing a kitten get run over was not.. also, my salad got so hot in the car that the cheese melted to the lettuce, but that somehow feels less important). It hasn’t even been two full days but I’m missing Tim like crazy and wishing the last four months in Saskatchewan didn’t cruise by at record speed. BUT in the spirit of staying positive- today marked the first day of my second year of school where I was finally reunited with my giggly best friend + drank my first pumpkin spice latte of the year! Here are four pictures that have put a smile on my glum little face today:

Top Left: Thinking of purchasing this headband in mass amounts and having everyone I come in to contact with wear one as an oh-so-subtle reminder to myself.

Top Right: A homemade unicorn:)

Bottom Left: MINI donuts and milk! So simple and cute and so perfect for any event I might hold in the future.

Bottom Right:Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more” I’ve been thinking about this lately, and the things that could be accomplished if just one extra hour of sleep was sacrificed. Although I adore it- sleep totally feels like a waste of life. Maybe I’ll make this my goal of the week?

Happy September! xo


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