Beards & Bubble Baths

As much as I expected a hectic schedule once school and work started up- nothing quite prepares you for it after a calm summer of bliss. BUT (after a meltdown or two and some much needed sleep) today I finally feel like I’ve got a bit of a grasp on it. Todays post is (as they may continue to be for the next little while) simply a little collection of things that have made me smile this week:

Top Left: I’ve recently re-discovered how much I value my alone time. It truly is what makes me be able to function as a pleasant human day to day.. however this picture of some happy people hanging out outside together with flowers and lights and friends and drinks and green grass made me wish I could be doing the same thing with a collection of my favorite people right about now:)

Top Right: Bearded man font. I wish I could write everything in this.

Bottom Left: Just a quick nap in the doorway is something I coulda reeeeeeeally gone for yesterday.. I like this print, and I especially like how strangely comfy she looks while standing like a weirdo.

Bottom Right: I am so hoping my upcoming weekend looks half as enjoyable as this (minus the ciggarette- but if it had to come with the bubble bath and beer, I’d consider taking up smoking :p )

PS:  a machine I wouldn’t say no to getting hooked up to. Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Beards & Bubble Baths

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