Baby Pumpkins, Baby Boyfriends

Mondays Inspo

I have had such a happy few days- it’s been an abnormally warm September, I had a glorious weekend full of naps and I have Tim home from SK for the week:) (plus I am listening to this album every chance I get)

Top Left: Tiny stuffed body parts! I think this would make such a cool gift for a little kid (or myself.. the intestines are my favorite)

Top Right: Even though it’s been such a warm September- fall is definitly in the air in the mornings and me and my giant wool sweaters secretly kind of love it. I’m getting excited to decorate baby pumpkins this year- except I’m thinking gold and white chevron:)

Bottom Left: I found this picture of this outfit last week and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Maybe because the cardigan looks as comfy as a robe? I would love to live in it for the next few days.

Bottom Right: I’ve definitly saved the best for last. Last night Tim and I went through five photo albums of him as a little guy and I am now even more in love with him, and his little baby face! If I had a time machine I would use it to go back and cuddle him (and squeeze those toes!)

PS- we watched this 5 times yesterday and laughed our guts out. Happy Monday!


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