Today on the way to work I witnessed a truck drive right off the highway and straight into a cement barrier, and it left me with a really awful feeling. It’s interesting how numb we can get to hearing about accidents and deaths and murders in the news but when you see it right in front of you, it’s a total wake up call. So that’s how I approached this Monday- feeling lucky and grateful that myself and the people I love are safe and sound.

Top Left: I had no idea this existed- a chairlift of musical notes in France! I’m even more determined to get better at snowboarding this winter so I have an excuse to ride this thing one day:)

Top Right: Just a little throwback to shadow smooching on a sunny day in SK with Tim (his week here in Alberta was up yesterday.. we talked on the phone for 3.5 hours on his way home:p)

Bottom Left: I’ve made a recent decision that (although I feel a little goofy and old) I would LOVE to take ballet lessons when my schedule frees up a bit. The title of this photo was “army men for girls” .. pretty cute.

Bottom Right: A solar system cake! There is something so cool about black icing, although it seems totally unedible.

Happy Monday! And happy belated first day of fall.
I’m wearing a wool sweater with horses on it to celebrate. xo! 


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