Wednesdays Inspo

Top Left: As of today, we are exactly 3 months away from Christmas! If that seems too far away to care about, think about how fast the last three months went (3 months ago today I was in Saskatoon, enjoying my second day of being 21- looking forward to starting a new job and excited for the upcoming July long weekend to head back to Alberta to spend the weekend at the lake with friends. Feels like yesterday.)

Top Right: Yesterday I spent the evening at the mall with my little brother. I tried on a facinator and instantly felt like I belonged in the crowd at the royal wedding (he told me I looked ridiculous haha) was much more mellow than the one shown about but the way I see it- if I’m already gonna look ridiculous I might as well pick the extravegant feathery pink one! (This one was on ebay- looks like it’s sold now. Dangit!)

Bottom Left:  Love the way this guy‘s standing all tall and proud in his fancy jacket. Makes me want to buy one for Baby Meal! (Although he would likely hate it and claw me to death).

Bottom Right: I was browsing through my old theatre photos the other day. I really really do miss acting, and the insane rush right before the show started. I love going to watch plays, but every time I’m sitting in the audience I wish more and more to be the one on the stage. A friend asked me to audition for an upcoming play here in Edmonton with him last night..  I truly need about 12 more hours in each day.

PS I found this article too cute. Happy Wednesday!


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