Light At The End of The Tuesday

Light At The End of The Tuesday

Je recherche l’extra dans l’ordinaire” = “I’m looking for the extra in the ordinary

Top Left: When I let my brain wander off, I dream about spending some time in NYC. I’d love to spend a few days acting like a tourist, cruising around Central Park and eating pizza.

Top Right: Once my schedule frees up I really really want to learn a few things (ballet!) and knitting is totally one of them. An infinity scarf would be first on my list of things to make, and a cozy blanket to cuddle up in would be second.

Bottom Left: I don’t know which I want more: to cuddle this cozy all-grey-fluffy-hunny snoozin’ on the couch, or just to straight up BE him.

Bottom Right: “You are my happy.” .. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!
I hope everyones bellies are getting excited for thanksgiving (Canadians, at least!),
and that everyones souls are feeling thankful. Mine definitely is.


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