Have Your Pie & Eat It Too


If you’re a thanksgiving- celebrating Canadian like myself, your Tuesday morning is probably a little jollier than the last (seriously.. I think I put on a few pie-related-pounds) What an amazing weekend. I feel like such a lucky person and am thankful for so much on a regular basis- but I so appreciate a holiday dedicated to those things. If you’re looking for some relaxing tunes to make your (short!)week flow a little smoother, I’ve been listening to this over and over and over and have yet to get tired of it.

Top Left: LOOK AT THIS GUY. I don’t typically swoon over dogs but this guy giving his most handsome smile is a definite exception. I’m dreaming of babysitting him and getting him dressed up in a party hat and bow tie to enhance his look:p I’m dying to get to the SPCA in the very very near future to pet some homeless hunnies.

Top Right: Sometimes the simplest statements smack me right in the brain the hardest. It’s almost impressive how long and extensively I can complain about things I can’t change (e.g. the distance between here and Saskatoon), and how many times I say I’m going to do things (e.g. drop out of school) when I realistically know I won’t. “Enjoy it. Because it’s happening.” I’m going to try my best to live by that and finish 2013 on the most positive note possible.

Bottom Left: Sunday morning we spent some time in the city, it was the most perfect fall day with the bluest sky and the orangest leaves. We went walking through a neighbourhood of houses over looking the river, crunching through the leaves, drinking coffee, dreaming and smooching. Having Tim home for the whole holiday weekend was total bliss, and exactly what my soul needed. I feel like I can’t quite describe how good the day felt.. and I’m more than content with that feeling.

Bottom Right: This picture makes me feel so inspired and gets me so giddy. I can’t wait to be packing, for visits, for vacations, for moving, for world travelling- there is just so so much adventure in the future and I feel like we sometimes too easily forget that. “Have no fear- these are no where near the best years of your life” I’ve always liked that Brad Paisely lyric (Especially in high school :p) but it is something to always keep in mind (although I’m almost certain SOME of these moments will remain in the best-days-of-my-life capsule).

Happy Tuesday, I am thankful for the eyeballs reading my
blog right now and any day in the past- thank you:)


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