Stripes On Stripes On Stripes


Today I’ve got my eye on all sorts of stripes. Above are 4 outfits I’d love to be struttin’ around in this week [1,2,3,4],  + a shower I’d love to be showering in, and an art installation that I think is so so neat. I’m excited to pair sequins and stripes from my own wardrobe, and the woman in the bottom left photo looks like a totally powerful working lady that I’d looove to emulate one day!

I rarely like to touch on negativity here- but It’s been a long string of days that have seriously tested me. I’m finally feeling much more positive and really looking forward to halloween celebrations with my boyfriend this weekend ♥ (we’re being Robbers!) I hope everyones Octobers are making their way out in a happy way- I’m so excited that we are only 10 days away from a fresh month. Happy Tuesday!


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