Humble Hello

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Today I’m bringing you four pictures that have been collected and then left kicking around on my iPhone. The Top Left is so beautiful, reminds me of a 10 page story I wrote as a kid about a mermaid, “Apoktolinisodaka” was the name I gave her (Soda, for short). Top Right makes me smile because Tim and I are 2 days away from debuting our halloween Robbers costumes (I am so inclined to follow that sentence with “for the first time!!!” ..Redundancy in speech is my fatal flaw in life :p) Bottom Left is my backround on my phone.. I think it is so sweet, and have it positioned juuust right so their smooch is visible between my Weather and Facebook Apps.. Hehe. Bottom Right– I liked this picture the second I layed eyes on it.. nothing says Happy Halloween like water skiing witches!

PS- I’ve written, deleted, re-wrote, and deleted several sentences about the car accident I had on Monday but no words seem to be quite right. I feel humbled and extremely lucky to walk away with nothing more than a sore body and a couple bruises (my car, on the other hand…) I am so thankful for Tim scooping me up and keeping me here in Saskatoon with him and for nursing my aching muscles and sad brain. Everyone- please please please drive safe, if for no other reason than not having to experience the terrible smell airbags give off when they burst. I’m looking forward to happier posts in the future where I tell you about my newly found love of baking muffins and my desire to write a book. Happy Wednesday! xxo


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