Beach Trees & Nudey Newspapers


I really love this little space so much and I feel like something is missing in my life when I find I don’t have time to post. But here’s a feeling I dislike even more- last week I was 3/4’s the way through a post that just didn’t inspire me. I tried to write it 3 different times and ended up just deleting the post because it felt so forced and I wasn’t enjoying it even though the photos I’d chosen were interesting and theoretically I SHOULD have been able to put nice words to them that ya’ll would’ve enjoyed reading. But I couldn’t! Writing is so interesting that way.

Top Left: 2 Friday nights ago I treated myself to my first eggnog latte of the holiday season, set up my mini christmas tree in my room AND lit a apple spice scented candle to summarize, it was a Christmas Miracle in my room and got me feeling all festive. My tree is wearing shades and a hat this year which makes me smile every morning when I plug him in. :p

Top Right: I came across this picture and got so so so excited for my next craft.. an angel wing backed long sleeve sweatshirt. My idea would be to print the wings on special printer paper and do an iron on transfer to make this. I think it would be such a good holiday sweater and am HOPING to make it before December arrives:) Ps- the last shirt craft I made, here!)

Bottom Left: It’s COLD here. (Edmonton, Alberta) My toes are perma-chilly and the roads are slooooooow going. (But after my accident a few weeks ago, I’m one of the few not complaining about going 40kms an hour all the way to school) These totally-impractical-and-not-edible-but-so-so-pretty-floral-popsicles made me feel a liiiiiiittle optimistic that maybe spring isnt THAT far away (121 days).

Bottom Right: Sometimes I see photos where the person in them is on this unreal level of relaxation that I feel deprived of and I get the most jealous. If anyones Tuesday is filled with nude newspaper reading on the floor, let me know and I’ll totally trade you lives for the day (bargaining tool: I have a chicken finger TV dinner for lunch)

To summarize, my last few weeks have been full of job hunting (and job recieving! yay!), school(putting together our 3rd news/entertainment show) and hanging with my seasonally clingy cat Baby Meal (who my little brother now refers to as his “Soulmate In-Law” .. hahaha) and of course eternally counting down the days until I see Tim(long distance relationships revolve around calendars and clocks, for any of ya’ll who are lucky enough to live in the same town or even province as your hunnies). Ps- if you’re looking for a seriously emotional and really touching read, my very favorite blogger Joanna Goddard posted this last week, and I had a serious bedtime cry about it. Happy Tuesday, xxo


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