Chilly Wishes

Chilly WishesIt’s warmer than usual this time of year here, but still feels dreary to me (and mornings are especially chilly driving on leather seats!) I’m dreaming of ways to stay warm and cozy, while listening to this (over, and over, and over) and catching up on this blog. This morning I met the nicest lady in my parkade, who held every door for me while I lugged a bunch of camera equipment into the school. A couple minutes later, the shoelaces on my combat boots tangled themselves together (I flashed back to grade 2 when we’d intentionally tie our shoelaces together and try and penguin walk around) and me and all the equipment nearly took a nose dive :p ..Win some, ya lose some. It’s only 9am but I have a good feeling about this Wednesday (aka the last hump day of November)!

So wishing I was curled up in any one of these winter outfits (especially the fur coat.. hoping its faux so I could snuggle up guilt free). The smurfy touque would be perfect to cover up my eternally messy hair, the leather bottomed booties would help keep me safe when I turn corners a liiiittle too quickly on hardwood floors, I looooove the denim vest over a big ol’ sweater.. and there is nothing more cozy than a scarf wider than your head.

PS: something to make you smile, here.


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