Shoes, Toes & Tea

Shoes, Toes & Tea

Happy snowy Tuesday if you’re anywhere near me (and if you’re not.. you just keep living that dream). As the year itself starts to wrap up (28 days until NYE!), my school semester is doing the same and its going to be a hectic yet reeeaally exciting next few weeks.  This weekend we are off to Calgary for Tims christmas party, and I am so excited to wear a pretty dress and have a change of scenery!

Top Left: Cranberry colored booties that I’m dying for! My feet would be exposed to every element the world has to offer (e.g. 3 ft of snow) and it would so be worth it. Cranberry & plum are my two favorite colors right now! Top Right: I found this sweet little picture and was reminded of how much I wish I was back on vacation in BC snuggled up in a blanket on the boat (with red toes too, of course:) Bottom Left: I love this photo, it reminds me of being a little girl and practicing being “elegant” and “poised” by walking around the house with books on my head. Bottom Right: For anyone who didn’t have a Barbie obsession as a kid, you’re looking at a whole pile of little rubber Barbie heels! So adorable, I have no idea what I’d do with them but I’d love a handful.

-46 years ago today the first successful heart transplant took place!
– A friendly reminder for everyone with birthdays this month :p
– I get so excited when they play this live version of Taylor Swift on the radio
– My all time favorite diet tip!
How I felt when a whopping 5 people favorited my tweet this week
– In spirit of 2013 totally being the year of the sloth, a christmas gift for a goof on your gift list


8 thoughts on “Shoes, Toes & Tea

  1. The 3rd picture reminds me of how i’d carry books on my head to stand up straight haha thanks for reminding me of my childhood. I must say I love your blog! Thanks for popping by.

    Meg |

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