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I love the idea of a clean slate on a fresh year, but I’ve never been one to make resolutions that I actually intended to keep (last Christmas I can remember telling my family my resolution would be to stay single for the whole new year of 2013.. I’m not even a tiny bit sorry about breaking that one). So instead of making resolutions, I’ve compiled a teeny list of things I would like to try my best to incorporate into the second half of my 21st year of life:

Ballet Class: Tim gave me the most thoughtful Christmas gift I have ever received- ballet slippers and a 10 week beginners course! I am so excited and could smooch him all day for setting it up for me:) I’ll start at the end of this month and will of course keep all ya’ll posted on my transformation into a graceful ballerina.

Muffin Baking: I don’t know why it brings me such happiness but it totally does and I’m not fighting it. I’d like to bake 1 new and healthy muffin recipe each month! (So far I’ve only ever baked zucchini and banana bread flavors..but both are so so tasty.)

Donate Blood: I’ve never done it, but I’m planning to donate 6 times this year! As a kid I required three nurses holding me down in order for them to take blood samples from me but I like to think I’ve moved passed those days.. This chart shows how much is needed per incident if anyone needs a kick in the booty to donate as well!

Write: Write on dakotabee, write for my school news paper, write in this book my Mum gave me, write letters, write love letters, write stories, write reviews, write, write, write, write!

Other things include juicing more often, getting a finger tattoo, taking a trip and making a handful of new and important friends. I’m hoping for a lot of creativity to follow me throughout the year and am excited to continue to write about the big important things that inspire me like love– and the little things like cats in coats and beards and donuts and funny little events that make my days happy and brighter. I hope to spend the year becoming a more informed, inspiring, beautiful, positive and helpful person.

xo, Happy Saturday and Happiest 2014:)


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