Bicycle Envy

Bicycle Envy

I love cruising with the windows down on a hot sunny day, shades on, listening to music and slurping away on a Shaken-Iced-Tea-Lemonade… provided I’m not the one doing the driving. I’m an excellent passenger, but a terrible driver. It’s not that I can’t follow the rules of the road and get myself from point A to point B- it’s just that I really, really prefer not to. Driving makes me so nervous (especially since this) and every day I find myself day dreaming about living somewhere where operating a vehicle is not a daily necessity. Today I’m totally inspired by commuting solely by bicycle, and looking sassy while doing it. 😉
[Left, Middle, Right]

PS: a tiny bit sad I’m 2 years too late for this,
still giggling hard over this and already counting down the
days until reading week this semester (37). Happy Wednesday!


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