3 Little Things


Left: Today I made a stop at a thrift store on my way home from school to help snap me out of the Monday blues I was seriously suffering from. Even though I left empty handed, this crazy little getup made its way into a change room with me first. It is the most artistic piece of clothing I have ever had on- the back is full of what looks like hand drawn ladies and reads “Moulin Rouge” across the bottom. It was beautiful and ridiculous and had the biggest shoulder pads known to mankind. After deciding it made no sense in my wardrobe, I found myself wandering over to the ugly sweater department a few too many times before reminding myself that you can only ironically own so many ugly sweaters before you actually are, in fact, just dressing ugly.

Middle: I really like to believe that it’s not going to be Valentines Day before I see Tim again, but just in case I’m getting in the holiday spirit and starting the countdown(25 days!).

Right: This week feels like it could potentially be a string of bummed out days all put together (starting with a surgery to remove a hunk of metal from my knee tomorrow afternoon… Yikes) so I decided to pull out my metallic temporary tattoos and decorate myself a little to turn it around. Sometimes it really is the little things. Happy Monday & sweet dreams!


8 thoughts on “3 Little Things

  1. I don’t do thrift stores as much as I love consignment stores, but I totally get what you mean by digging through and seeing what’s available. It’s just….happiness (unless you find something awesome and it’s not your size). Love the blog!

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