It’s My Blog & I’ll Boob If I Want To


To the tune of Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party” of course 😉 I recently did a clean sweep of my iPhone photos to make room for the iOS7 download (I like to live a few months behind the rest of the world). While the update is still a work in progress, I did come across a pretty funny trend in the photos I had saved to my phone for inspiration. Boobs!

I had such a good and full weekend. On Friday I saw a play that I know pretty well, since I was in the cast of the original version over six years ago. It was really fun to see who was playing my old part, and more fun to sit there as all the lines and blocking and memories came back to me. Saturday night I went to a duelling piano bar I’ve been wanting to go to for ages and it was even better than I expected- my favourite part being when they played my guilty pleasure/favourite song. This week my school crew is preparing for our first news show that will air on TV this weekend (eeks!) and this Tuesday marks my first ever ballet lesson that I couldn’t be more excited about. Somehow I have found time in my busy schedule to miss Tim like crazy, and have been thinking a lot about love lately. I feel so lucky to spend every day in love, drink coffee in love, go to bed in love, listen to songs in love, and write in love. I think being in love makes me a better person.

**Sidenote for all y’all watching the Grammys with me tonight: Taylor Swifts emotion behind her performance gave me shivers and Lordes humble and sweet acceptances speeches are too loveable. Can’t imagine what a fun atmosphere it is there tonight. So from boobs to plays to pianos to love, I’m wishing everyone a happy last week of January. xo


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