I had one of those outstandingly rare amazing Mondays. It was so, so great. It has felt like Friday all day long and if I could turn this day into confetti and throw it on myself daily I think I just might (teeny exaggeration.. hehe). Today I’m bringing you something that’s making me smile as I look at it and I’m hoping it has the same effect on you! I can remember strolling into the house after a day of elementary school and my Mum telling me there was a surprise downstairs. Any surprise would’ve excited 7 year old me, but a box full of freshly born kittens to love was like going to Disneyland. Happy Monday, (the first one of February!) I always feel great at the start of a new month and this one is no exception. I’ve been reminiscing on the perfection that was last February and hoping for an equally as happy and love-filled one this year (for you guys, too:).

Top Left: While doing my usual instagram prowling I came across this picture on this account and couldn’t even believe how happy it made me feel. I think in a perfect world I’d celebrate the end of every work week with kittens and champagne.

Top Right: Sunday morning was my only day to sleep in last week and it felt so nice. Juicing kale, apples, carrots and a grapefruit made me feel even nicer. I’m hoping to make time to juice more often like I did in the summertime because it truly made me feel like a million bucks when I was slurping back all those veggies on the daily.  (The curious little guy shown is our youngest cat Barley. He enjoys long walks on the beach and throwing himself belly first at doors to open them.)

Bottom Left: Part of the reason my Monday was so wonderful was because of DressMeDearly. I interviewed the happiest human alive and owner of the blog, Janis. She was so awesome to talk to, had the cutest little office and made me feel the most inspired I have in weeks. She’s a local fashion blogger here in Edmonton and I feel so lucky to have been able to spend the afternoon chatting with her. Naturally I got up to a little instagram creeping and came across this photo she posted that made me laugh out loud. I used to love watching Alf and always thought that his desire to eat the house cat was the funniest part of the show.

Bottom Right: I came across this pineapple snatchin’ cat on this instagram page and loved it immediately. Those spread little toes are killing me!

Ps something to make you chuckle, here + two more happy posts if you’re in a reading mood here and here. xo!


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