Marching On

Marching On

I’m back home in Alberta after a relaxing 10 day stay in Saskatchewan with Tim. Even though I’m only 6 weeks into the semester, I really appreciated a week off to just mellow out with no where to be at any given time.

Top Left: I baked three batches of muffins over the break and fell in love with each and every one of them. I was trying to describe how much I liked baking muffins to Tim and all I could come up with was “it’s just so amazing that they used to be ingredients sitting in the cupboard”… Imagine how proud I would be if I had a child? Ha! This behind-the-scenes shot of me photographing my banana bread muffins made me laugh (the resulting photo, here).

Top Right: I have been really into green lately, and daydreaming about dark green fingernails for the last month or two. I looked and looked and looked and when I couldn’t find anything but bright greens and pastel greens I was starting to give up hope. Then, I spotted this guy! The perfect shade, and strangely enough- it’s scented. The “Balsam Fir” scent even lasts through hand washing for at least a couple days. They’re limited edition so if you’re obsessed like I am, I’d stock up!

Bottom Left: I’m not one to pass up a chance for good luck, so (to Tim’s horror) I saved the wishbone from our chicken dinner and hung it to dry out. Pleased to say I won when we broke it apart and will be waiting patiently for my wish to come true.

Bottom Right: Spending an extended amount of time in Saskatoon had me reminiscing on the last summer I spent living there. This picture was taken up in the apartment about 7 months ago before we went down to explore the river on a warm night. I love a quote by another blogger that says  “All I’m hoping, praying and trying to do is live my life in a way where I never have to look back to find the best of times.” Sometimes it’s too easy to get down on the future because it’s so uncertain, and I’m really working hard to let go of trying to plan everything and just let life happen as it will. I recently read that every 7 years you go through major life changes, so that would make this year (my 21st) a life changer.  That fills me right to the brim with excitement and anxiety. Happy Sunday, enjoy your last week of the lovers month!



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