Mondays Inspo

Red Monday

I have the most fun putting together posts with all original photos, but I really do like rounding up a crop of pretty pictures from around the web to show you guys. On a chilly Monday full of schoolwork and meetings I’m feeling inspired by these four photos.

Top Left: I find I’m drawn to pictures and quotes that reference messy hair. It may have something to do with the fact that my hair is always a mess. I really do like this quote though, life IS messy! And it’s good that way.

Top Right: I’m not one for keeping things in order or color coordinated or even sorted at all- but I sure do like this organized watermelon.

Bottom Left: Sometimes I just need to look at a beautiful picture like this for a while and forget that the air outside hurts to breathe in. 117 days until summer!

Bottom Right: I’d gladly clean the floors by hand all day in these rubber gloves! I wish I could supply every janitor with a pair so they could strut around like divas.

Ps- an interesting read and perhaps the original #sorrynotsorry. xo!


3 thoughts on “Mondays Inspo

  1. Love the top left quote. I’m building a inspirational wall above my desk where i blog and this is definitely a quote that i will use!. I kinda have a type A personality so i always have to remind myself to let go and realize like is gonna be crazy no matter what you do! Gotta embrace it!

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