Little Whimsies


I’ve had a jam-packed week of politics. I’m working on a news story for our college show this week and it’s been a long, long process. My interest in government and politics and law goes as far as my love for Judge Judy but that’s about it. No matter, here I am with one day to go before the weekend and I am seeing the light! Today I am so inspired by these three photos. Whimsy is defined as “playfully quaint” and I think these pictures represent that pretty well. I’ve been listening to this to soothe my political little soul this week and surviving thanks to lots and lots of peppermint tea.

Left: I came across this blogger named Abby, who makes really adorable do-it-yourself crafts. She calls these “lucky charm kabobs” also known as “leprechaun bait”. With 11 days until St.Patricks day you have enough time to craft up some of your own and plan out some green attire to avoid pinches!

Middle:  A very sweet little love note. E.E. Cummings supposedly wrote around 2,900 poems, two novels and four plays during his 67 years alive.. Pretty impressive.

Right: Sometimes when I drift off and dream of places I’d rather be, my mind goes to places I’ve yet to go (LA, NYC, Bali!), but it’s a happy feeling to dream of going back to places you’ve already been and memories you’ve already made. This photo was taken during our summer vacation last year to Kelowna, BC after my first time stand up paddle boarding.

PS- I’m having an Oscar themed giggle this morning Re: this. Happy Thursday!


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