Blonde Envy


Last September I dyed my hair dark after a glorious 4 years with blonde hair.

My decision for doing so came from two reasons. 1.)My hair was fried. It was dry and breaking and I was starting to have nightmares of it breaking all the way up to my ears and figured it was time to go back to my roots (ha!).  2.) It’s my natural hair color that I was born with and I was feeling like I hadn’t given it a fair shot to shine since growing into my features. I’ve enjoyed the dark hair and I’m sure my hair has enjoyed a minute to breathe without being smothered in bleach, but lately I’ve been itching to go back blonde.  Today I’m inspired by these pretty blondes and their bright light locks.
Ps: a sunglassed comparison of myself below.

(Left, Middle, Right uncredited)


2 thoughts on “Blonde Envy

  1. What is your natural color? I’ve toyed with the idea for ages, but haven’t for two reasons. First, because my hair is naturally really light blonde (and in my 30s! OMG did I just admit that I’m over 30? Shite, don’t tell my kid. I’m trying to convince him I’m 25. Hasn’t worked yet, but a girl can dream.) Annnnnyway, I’m worried about f’ing my natural color up if I go dark.

    Second reason is because I’m naturally as tan as a sheet of white printer paper. I might accidentally look goth and be obligated to buy heavy combat boots and pierce my lip and nose. And I’m not good with pain. 😛

    • My natural hair colour is brown so it was a bit more of a safe bet that it wouldn’t be a horrible mess underneath when the towel came off :p plus I had let my blonde roots grow out to the point where I could pretty well see what it would look like if it was all brown so I went for it hehe.

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