Green & Glorious


It’s Friday! It was such a beautiful warm week interrupted with a quick blizzard yesterday (of course, it was the first day of spring after all). I’ve had this song on repeat and my brain is consistently dreaming of summer vacation lately. This afternoon our news team is filming our 7th show, Tim is on his way back to Alberta and tomorrow I’ll be heading to my friend Greg‘s to for a celebratory fondue dinner Re: buying his first home!

Left: If I knew where this was, I’d book a room immediately and spend my day with my head out the window breathing the freshest air. So lush!

Middle: Before ballet class started Tuesday night, a girl in my class announced that she had a talent for finding four leaf clovers. I was a little skeptical (aren’t they supposed to be super rare!?) until she opened up a dictionary filled with them, all taped and pressed. I was in awe, and so so happy when she said I could have one. This guy now lives in my wallet and will hopefully be bringing a stream of good luck my way.

Right: Yesterday marked the day I finally retired my old iPhone after 3 years of droppings and crackings and spillings and the infamous plunge into a rum & coke. I’m now the owner of a beautiful white iPhone that takes CLEAR pictures and has a functioning home button. What a dream! (The above photo was the background on my old beloved phone.)

PS: a bad guess and a quick way to organize your lunch . Happy Friday!


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