Sweet Teeth & Crop Tops


I can’t believe how in love with the new site design I am. What a great ending to a great week! To everyone who stuck with me and faithfully read posts from dakotabee- THANK YOU! Nothing content wise will change. Just the name and look. I hope you’re as pleased with it as I am! State & Occupation is the chosen name because I want to build a brand for myself. The name comes from my own name, Dakota (state) Barber (occupation). Get it?! My little brother Ty was the first one to know, and when he laughed and said “clever!”, I gave it the green light.

Top Left: I came across Bon Puf– a cotton candy maker from LA! Her flavors range from Chai Tea to Sugar Cookie to Mango Chili, and the one pictured above that I snagged from her instagram– Lucky Charms! As if I needed another reason to go to LA. People like her inspire me.. who would’ve thought you could run a successful Cotton Candy business? She was even at Coachella selling it this year!

Middle: Many many childhood evenings were spent watching Seinfeld with my dad. It’s kind of a love hate thing for me now to watch the show (more on that, here) but I do have an everlasting love for Kramer and George Costanza. Last year I came across the George Costanza dress and was blown away, so imagine my excitement when I realized THERE’S A CROP TOP. To spend $56 or not to spend $56… that is the question. *reaches for credit card*

Right: My day to day goal is to eat healthy, so I’m always interested in ways to eat healthy without nibbling lettuce and dabbing away drool while I watch my family eat Dilly Bars. This recipe claims you can make soft serve icecream with just one ingredient. Frozen bananas! So I did it. I then put my “icecream” in tiny cones and dressed them up with sprinkles. (Tiny tip: Use fresh bananas that you just froze. I used jet black ones that have been in the freezer for ages and the taste kinda reflected that.) Happy blending!


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