You C’Mon!

imageI’d like to paint you a picture of the glamorous Saturday I’m having but realistically I’m in bed with big grey socks pulled up over my knees and bruises from paintballing earlier darkening by the second. I idolize lots of people, from celebrities to friends to bloggers- and something I always appreciate is total honesty that I can relate to. So in the spirit of being honest…. I’m feeling totally glum. Tonight I’m bringing you 4 pictures that are chiseling away the gloom in my brain and making me cheery.

Top Left: Wouldn’t she look great blown up and hanging in a kitchen or dining room? I’m all about those bug eyes. A couple other arty favourites here, and here.

Top Right: It’s not unusual for Tim and I to be apart, but at this exact moment we’re real far apart on the map and it somehow feels different. “Babe, c’mon…” is his usual reaction when I tell him he’s handsome, and I miss him a million. (It’s my blog and I’ll mush if I want to:)

Bottom Left: I’ve had my eye on these earrings for a few months now. Imperfect mountains, a sun, cloud and a moon. So teeny and sweet.

Bottom Right: My love for the colour green really emerged back in the winter while watching Brokeback Mountain. (In between sobs) I kept commenting on the scenery and how lush everything looked. I was blown away when I found out the film was shot in my province Alberta, Canada!  The bottom middle of these 9 painted trees is my favourite, and I was imagining what a cool tattoo it would be to have each one all in a line on the outside of my foot, growing up from the bottom. A little travelling landscape.

Happy Saturday, and Happy Easter weekend! xxo


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