Mondays Inspo


Left: Today was a big day for me! Since finishing my schooling last week I’ve had a teeny bit of down time, but this morning I started my four month long internship with the Edmonton Woman Magazine! I spent the day researching stories from my cubicle and eating snacks and feeling very lucky. This is their most recent issue hot off the press- I think it looks so great and can’t wait for the next issue to come out with my words printed inside!

Middle: “I love ugly” was the caption on one of the photos displaying this artists work on her instagram page. I also love ugly. And would love to own one of these hideous ceramic planters:)

Right: Guess what the relevance is of this kid dressed like sushi? Absolutely nothing. But it made me giggle pretty hard and I think I’ve found my 2014 Halloween costume ..only 179 more days, ya know!


Short and sweet for a Monday.
I’m off to the tub, but if you’re not quite ready to part:
the haircut I want,
a sweet old post by one of my favorite bloggers
and an oddly inspiring little pocket calendar.
Goodnight! xxo



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