Nude Hues


Lately I’ve been very drawn to greys and nudes, especially in the form of clothing and bedding. So comforting and easy. As much fun as bright bold colors can be to wear, it takes a very special mood for me to not yank it off and swap it out for a neutral shirt of the soft and long-sleeved variety.

Left: What a gorgeous human being. (Spotted on this tumblr, but you’ll have to sift through several other gorgeous humans to find her). I’m inspired by her coral lips and ears full of gold!

Top: I really liked this quote when I read it, and it reminded me a lot of my own mindset. I’m a serious advocate for alone time.. But after reading it over and over I now can’t decide if it’s an empowering statement about not settling when it comes to love or a cheeky sexual reference. Thoughts?

Bottom: A strategically placed sassy sidewalk girl… or as I’m now calling it, an adult Chia pet:)


Ps, I would love to start utilizing the comment space a little more here on State & Occupation. I can see how many sets of eyeballs read my posts, and I’d love to chat with you! If this Tuesday feels like your time to shine- please feel so free to leave a little message down below and I’ll leave you one right back. xo!



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