Cubicle Warming


Tim made me laugh out loud on the weekend when he jokingly announced to his parents that he had decided what he wanted for his “Braces Warming” gift (a GoPro). It got me thinking that I could use a few cubicle warming gifts since I’ll be warming this space for the next four months!

To decorate: This tassley beautiful garland is sky high on my wishlist. It would make my little space so festive! We watched Alice in Wonderland the other weekend and were giggling about the emphasis put on UNbirthdays. I could celebrate those here!

To dress: A floral outfit with long sleeves. It might show just a teeny bit too much leg but I’d happily keep them tucked away under my desk for the chance to wear it.

To sip coffee: I’ve been a fan of Marc Johns for a few years now, and can’t imagine a better message to slurp coffee from on a snoozy morning.

To prepare:   A beautiful bathing suit to wear under all my clothes for impromptu beach trips after work. This is a pretty serious stretch for this time of year in Alberta… dream with me for a sec.

To beautifyA few Springs back my life needed a little revitalizing, so I bought myself a plant for my desk at work. I tried to compensate for the lack of sunshine (aka none) by drowning it in water and we had to part a few short weeks later when it was a brown shrively mess. This faux bouquet seems like a much happier alternative!

Ps: my boyfriends twin sister Cait has started a science blog,
this article about an LA audition made me laugh. Happy Wednesday!


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