My main social networking squeezes are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. I’m a slightly different version of myself on all of them, and thought I’d give you some semi-embarrassing honesty about the inner workings of my little e-world.

Instagram: With a teeny bit of shame I am telling you that I take serious pride in my Instagram account. I get the one-eye-twitch and cringe if one picture in the gallery doesn’t quite fit in. All the pictures I post are totally thought out and the captions are written and rewritten more times than I care to admit (and it takes equally as long to choose juuust the right accompanying emojis).

Facebook: Statuses aren’t posted unless I’m pretty confident they’ll be well received. It’s always a bit of a gamble because a heartfelt post might only reel in 4 or 5 likes, yet I’ll announce that I’m having “DILLY BARS FOR BREAKFAST….OH YA” and its got 36 likes before 9am. My profile pictures are thoughtfully chosen and not changed up often. All my State & Occupation posts get shared to Facebook because I can reach the most people there- and I feel like a handful of shares a week isn’t too intrusive, especially with no obligation to click.

Twitter: Tweeting is a whole different thing for me. That’s where the fairly thoughtless, goofy, complainy, laughing at my own jokes and not-fit-for-anywhere-else-but-I-still-wanna-say-it words go. If no one favorites or retweets- it doesn’t phase me (Whereas if a Facebook status sat with 0 likes the eye twitch would come creeping back). HOWEVER- I’m mindful of who follows me. Like my current employer. Tweets like these may slow until September, y’all (please hold your tears).

Pinterest: I am not the worlds most exciting person to follow on Pinterest because I hide all the juicy stuff in a secret board for State & Occupation inspiration. >:) But still, feel free- because my boards about food and clothes and quotes and decorating do not require a Golden Ticket.

And as for my blog, the only rule I put on my content is that it is positive-based. I don’t sensor
myself, but I take pride in tastefully wording potentially sensitive or awkward subjects with my
Dad reading in mind (He’s subscribed with his work email…so cute.)

Do you guys think this much into your social media
presence or is this the curse of an aspiring writer?


4 thoughts on “iPersonalities

  1. I love posts like this! I think everything thinks through everything this much (if not more) but no one really talks about it because we think we’re the only one! I haven’t set up all my social media stuff yet for my blog but I know it will be exactly the same as what you’ve described.

    LOVE it!

    Sam xx

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