Day Dreams from a Day Dreamer

tuesday21I was pretty terrified my Monday blues were going to bleed into the rest of my week but thankfully- I escaped them! My Tuesday has been full of article-writing, walk-taking, canoe-searching and day-dreaming.

Left: I’m really liking the whole look she has going on, especially the crazy blonde hair. Happy to announce that I’ve decided (among other important thoughts.. I swear) to go back to my ol’ blonde mane. I can’t wait!

Middle: I went searching through my old inspirations from last summer and re-adored this melted popsicle picture. I think it would look great turned sideways and printed on a loose fitting white tank top & paired with some purple bikini bottoms.

Right: I’m spending the May Long weekend in Saskatoon and I am so so excited! Tim told me to think of things that I’d like to do, so I’m foreseeing a little picnic-ing and a lot of couch potato-ing.

PS: some positivity, a good laugh and the dress that lit up my world and then crushed my dreams all at once. Happy Tuesday!


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