We’re Half Way There

We're Half Way There

“Woooo-aaaaaaaahhhh!” –Bon Jovi

This morning’s commute was briefly interrupted by a BEAVER making his way across the highway and it made me laugh a lot because 1) Where are you going? and 2) Bold choice walking that slow. I made a mental note to find out how cute baby beavers are and I was not disappointed.

I came across this Australian instagram account yesterday and although nearly every beachy post inspired me, I plucked out these four as my favorites. This round beach towel would be so great to wrap yourself in during windy boat rides, I’d like to order about 1 million bottles of Creative Juice and I’m dreaming of taking 5 in big shades on this pretty yellow hammock. As for the quote– us humans ARE a little bit magic, don’t you think?

Happy Hump day, just 38 days until summer!
More beach dreaming here + here.


4 thoughts on “We’re Half Way There

  1. Beaver? You must be driving in a rural area…oh wait…. light bulb moment here…. you are “dakota” barber…you’re my neighbor to the west!

    I hang my head in shame on not being able to put 2 and 2 together. LOL.

    And what is Creative Juice? is it for real?

  2. Ah! I took “dakota” as being from South (or North) Dakota! Never been to that part of Canada. My hubby and his family are from Toronto. One day we want to hit up Nova Scotia and maybe PEI.

    I was just wondering if Creative Juice was some kind of coconut water or something! (I hate hate hate coconuts though. Couldn’t drink it if it made me more creative than Dali!)

    • Haha I understand… your brain was just doing the logical thing! Ooh cool! Toronto is more fun than my city that’s for sure:)

      Haha I like coconuts, but HATE coconut water. It tastes like butter! Creative Juice is probably just water in a glorious-ly labelled pitcher. 🙂

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