Petrichor is defined as “the smell of the earth after it rains” and I know that smell very well after a rainy long weekend in Saskatoon visiting Tim. On Sunday we biked down to the river and plunked our selves down for a five-minute rest, which turned into a solid hour of gossiping and reminiscing and doodling in the sand. We later rewarded ourselves with hard earned homemade floats and movies. Looking forward to a (short!) week booked with a concert, a haircut and maaaaybe a little DIY dress project if time allows. Happy Tuesday- here are four things inspiring me on my 77th post:

Top Left: 34 days until my birthday means I can start getting excited without being considered a lunatic (I refuse to believe it’s wrong to love your own birthday) and when I saw these glittered donuts I immediately envisioned making a wish and blowing out candles jammed into the top of them to celebrate turning 22. Because let’s be real- cake is for 21 year olds. 😉

Top Right: I’ve been wearing forest green and robin blue nail polish on rotation since February so I thought it was time for a change up. Last week I was in the mood to hate every nail polish color I own, so I put on my scientist goggles and mixed two of them together to create a pretty coral pink. Ta daaa!

Bottom Right: Cupcakes and Cashmere is a fashion blog I read daily and today, while snooping through her archives for some outfit inspiration, I came across this look. Blonde hair, red lips, gold jewelry and an all-grey-everything outfit. I’m obsessed.

Bottom Left: I’m really feeling the importance of girlfriends lately. On Thursday I got to see my long lost friend Leanne who flew in from Kelowna and we had the most fun giggling and catching up over a bottle of wine (or two), and I am looking SO forward to time with my best friend Jess tomorrow night. After spending every weekday with her by default in college it’s a weird adjustment to now have to plan to see each other!

PS: More words you might not know exist + this garbage artist made me smile.


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