Calm Down Party

Calm Down Party

Top: This reminds me of a scene from a horrifying kids show but somehow, I like it. Speaking of covering up your face, I wore a band-aid across my forehead last night (to cover a small problem that my fingers-of-fury made much worse) and actually felt prettier than I have in weeks. Self esteem works in bizarre ways.

Right: I loved this invitation the second I saw it, and the artist behind it makes all sorts of hilarious art. “We’re just gonna eat some sandwiches by the creek all summer long”…. I’ll be there, and y’all are totally invited.

Bottom Left: I was a very weird and very creative kid. My sister and I once caught dozens of butterflies and stored them in a basement bedroom that we naturally renamed The Butterfly Room: Keep Out. We somehow kept this a secret, despite the incriminating sign on the door. I’m cringing as I type.

Middle: This beautiful Lips & Matchsticks dress is by Stella McCartney and nearly $3,000 so..ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Remind me to pick one up after I win the lotto.

PS: It’s still gloomy here and totally feels like fall, so I’m embracing it by drooling over this recipe and loving the idea of these socks in bed.
Happy Tuesday!


14 thoughts on “Calm Down Party

  1. great post!
    mind to follow each other via GFC and instagram? via that way we can keep in touch! just let me know on my blog xx

    have a nice day,

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