A June Baby


June has been my favourite month since I was a kid, mostly because of my birthday bias but also because it always represented the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation. While summer vacation isn’t a reality for this intern, I am still thrilled to be 2 days in to the fresh month. A year ago today I had been living in Saskatchewan for 1 whole month, spending my time juicing things and making Tim drink them, roaming around by the river and sending frequent texts home to ask how Baby Meal was doing (always great, naturally). It was a summer of bliss and as expected, set intensely high standards for us as a couple. Since moving home in the fall, no visits have felt long enough and long distance is a rocky road- but I am so so happy to report we’ve trucked through it. I’m looking forward to the summer and the adventures we’ll have this year, despite not living under the same roof.

HAPPIEST of Junes to you, I’m spending my Monday jammin’ to Lana del Rey, giggling over Drakes new friends and making mental notes to let out my inner ice-cream-loving-goof as often as possible.

Ps, if you’re looking for fashion inspiration, look no further than my 2 year old self. Head to toe stripes juuuust might make a comeback. xo!


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