Ice Cream & Updates

impress_wastedritaI haven’t felt like posting anything lately, with one big question in mind: How could I follow a post about death and self acceptance with my usual goofy chatter of cats and dresses and things that make me laugh? Today I realized, I just can. And I just should. Because that’s what I love to do and what I aim to be, the spark of light and happiness in an otherwise potentially dreary day. My initial thought when I found the above photo was that I wanted to Instagram it- and then I giggled because that is the exact opposite of its intention. Three things inspiring me today, below:


Left: I spent 10 days away from home while Tim was in town last week and really missed this guy, so when I heard him meowing at the front door this morning I giddily dropped everything I was doing and ran down the stairs to let him in. The following 15 minutes were full of him meowing and me making breakfast and him brushing up against my legs and me asking, “How was your weekend?” “Is it nice outside?” “What are you gonna do all day?” Anyone listening would think I’ve lost it. Maybe I have:)

Middle: I love the mood of this photo. I find imperfect photos with real emotion so oddly refreshing and lovable. She has GOT to be related to this adorable little misery.

Right: The Anatomy of Ice Cream! My vehicle of choice is the glass of root beer, filled with vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top. What’s yours?!

Ps: this is my favorite Twitter account of 2014. Happy Tuesday!



10 thoughts on “Ice Cream & Updates

  1. Love the kitty picture! I also agree that imperfect photos and real emotions are beautiful and refreshing. There is just so much posturing in this world that sometimes it’s nice to see something real. I haven’t had a root beer float in almost 20 years. I’m not kidding. I should fix that, right? Have a great one!

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