Rings & Things

Rings & Things

I had the kind of weekend I haven’t had in years. I stayed in Friday and Saturday night, I did crafts and I baked muffins, my mum and I ate pizza for dinner (twice!), I organized my bedroom, I did lots of squats and I put some serious hours into cuddling Meal. It was so good.

Left: I’ve been dreaming up this craft for a few months, inspired by my love for the cotton candy colors swirling around this dress.  I bought a pink paint and a blue paint and created the purple by mixing the two together, and then got right to sponge-ing. I’m happy with how it turned out and think it will make its debut during my upcoming birthday festivities!

Top: Some completely useless eyebrow grooming advice:)

Bottom: I love this ring almost as much as I love coffee. Which is a whole dark-roast-with-a-splash-of-chocolate-milk lot.

Right: I’m late to the party for sure, but I’ve just discovered my love for the show Girls. I flew through the first season and plan to do the same with the rest. As for the quote, she’s really not asking much, right? Hehe.

PS: I tried out this recipe for Father’s Day muffins and they turned out so good. Happy Monday, xo!


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